Hello, World! — Introducing OceanBit


Hello, my name is Corbin. I'm a software developer, retro game nerd, and technical writer.

Like all developers, I rely heavily on my tools; one tool that I often use is a Git GUI for managing my repos.

While working on my blog during a flight, I found myself yearning for good mobile developer tools. I couldn't find anything that suited my needs, so I started working on my first app: GitShark.

As I worked on the app, I realized that there's a greater potential for various developer tools that span multiple platforms and work on mobile. As such, I started OceanBit LLC. We have a lot planned for the future, but we want to make sure our products are polished and worthy of use. As such, we're focusing on making sure that GitShark is the best Git GUI we can make.

We think that our tools should be mobile, just like us! Ask any front-end web developer, and they'll say that the advantage of developing mobile-first is the portability of the UI. It's much easier to start with a small screen and develop for a larger one than going in the opposite direction. As such, not only will our apps be available for Android and iOS, but we plan on bringing them to Windows and macOS as well.

Community Work

Just like any production application, we rely heavily on the open-source ecosystem for our baseline. As such, we want to make sure that our tools are accessible, open-source, and provide value back to the community. As such, we plan on contributing as much as we can upstream, creating new open-source initiatives for broader consumption, and financially sponsoring particularly special projects. You can see the ways we've contributed to the community on our contributions page.

We have some exciting projects in the name of community support in the pipeline that we simply cannot wait to share with you.

GitShark Alpha

A company is cool and all, but we didn't want to announce empty-handed. That's why we're excited to say that we're releasing GitShark as a closed alpha on the Google Play Store. Because this is the very first release (and we're aware of features that are missing and bugs lurking in our system), we're limiting the first batch of testers to 25 people.

Want to join the group of testers? Share the announcement Tweet via Retweet, then leave a comment saying, "I'd like to test." After a week (8/10/20), we'll announce the testers and give them a free code for the app (valid even after public release!). We humbly request that those requesting to alpha test are familiar with how to file GitHub issues and are willing to report bugs and feature requests. We want to make sure that by the time the app is in a public beta that we've resolved most of the bugs and added a primary amount of the features that are integral for usage.

Are you feeling left out as an iOS user? Well, there's some good news! One of the reasons we built this website is so that we could register for an Apple developer account! You can expect a similar closed-alpha test to be announced for the platform shortly!

The Future is Bright

We're excited to finally proclaim our existence! We've been working hard to stabilize ourselves and get our app ready for prime-time. We'll have more to announce soon, and are excited for what's to come next.

We look forward to making tools that other people will use and love.